K Syrah, syrah

Charles in charge: Bret Masterson and me in Charles Smith’s Walla Walla wine cellar.

Photo by Cynthia Masterson.

How’s this for an assignment: This Land sent me to Walla Walla, Washington, home of K Vintners (“Kung Fu Girl” Riesling) to find out why winemaker Charles Smith came to Tulsa and bared his soul (he proposed to his wife at the Full Moon Cafe on Cherry Street) and his arse (somewhere on Boston Avenue, between Vintage 1740 and The Mercury Lounge).

So I flew to Seattle and had my new travel entourage, Bret and Cynthia, drive me to the other, wheatier side of the state. (They met me in San Francisco last January to hang with drinks writer Barnaby Conrad III.) We were there two days, drank enough wine to feel it, and hung out in nearby Waitsburg, where Smith has ruffled feathers with his newest project, the Anchor Bar.

Anyway, the story published last week in This Land. Check it out.

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