A curiosity of food

What makes a pear sorbet so creamy?1 How is the mold that streaks a Roquefort blue cheese harvested? 2 Order pesto in a Parma restaurant and you’ll likely get a plate of what? 3

Argentfork is curious about food. This thing we eat—and think about when we’re not eating, and talk about when we’re not thinking—three times a day, depending.

mark brown

It is a written reflection of a life spent eating and drinking, cooking and thinking. It is an examination of the table beyond methods and ingredients. It gives new meaning to old topics. It goes deeper than most.

Argentfork aims to make you think about what you eat. It connects the dots between the food we take for granted and its place in the landscape, lineage and lexicon. It is for readers and eaters who enjoy taking their time.

Argentfork is Mark Brown, who isn’t sure whether he eats to write or writes to eat. He derives inspiration from reading, cooking, shopping and seeking.

(Starch. 2 Loaves of bread. Horse.)

Photo by Kelly S. Kurt